CV. Rattan Jepara

CV. Rattan Jepara was established by Rattan Jepara Group in 2015 in a storage room in their backyard in Jepara Indonesia. They started a business to create jobs for people around Jepara to reduce the number of unemployed people in Jepara. Jepara Rattan Group is very skilled in using their hands so that weaving fits. The lucky Rattan Jepara Group and invited young indonesia people who do not have the skills are asked to join the company to help to manage the business. they study in design schools at night while working in business during the day. His efforts and talents make Rattan Jepara Group grow into one of the most well-known companies in Indonesia that specializes in creating high quality rattan oriented furniture designs.


Rattan is the most ecologically available material for us. General knowledge states that cutting down trees from the rainforest destroys our environment and once fells, the tree will not grow back. We have to replant new trees and it takes several decades to produce trees. But rattan grows again at a very fast speed. This can only be found in the rainforest because rattan requires trees to wrap it to reach sunlight. This means that as long as there are trees in the rainforest, rattan will always be a sustainable raw material.
This material can be found in rainforests in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra. There are so many animals that inhabit this area, including famous and endangered orangutans. These poor animals lose their natural habitat by humans who illegally cut trees for financial gain.

Wicker Indonesian

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